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Our Services

Destiny's Child Staff assists individuals with therapeutic exercise, reminds individuals to take their medication(s), assist individuals with medical/dental appointments, and therapeutic recreational activities, as well as performing other services essential to health care at home.

Feel secure that your loved one will be taken care of with our services!

Regardless of the type of disability and special needs you or your loved one may have, Destiny's Child Inc. is highly motivated to offer you support with our program. Our individuals are able to attend a school, day rehabilitation center, or work within the community. This practice will help you develop a positive image and outlook in life.

For more information about our personal care and companion programs, contact us today at (404) 696-4400.

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Destiny's Child Inc. Provides Personal Support Services

1) Resident can live at home with family where we provide scheduled services, or
2) Live in an apartment with roommates, where we provide 24 hours 7 days a week care also referred to as Assisted Living.

The Assisted Living Program at Destiny's Child is the realization of achievement for individuals who have shown the desire and ability to live in their own home or apartment while continuing to work towards independence.

House Cleaning Services

  • Clean Stove
  • Thoroughly Clean Each Room as Individual Requests
  • Maintain the Home in the Optimum State of Cleanliness and Safety
  • Linen Changed and Washed Once a Week
  • Mirror
  • Dusting
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Vacuum
  • Mop Floors

    (This service is only offered to individuals living in an apartment setting.)